Is NetEnt’s Latest is a Copy of a Microgaming Slot?

NetEnt has just released their latest game, a slot called “Universal Monsters™: The Phantom’s Curse”. Only the name, you probably will not be able to tell, but as soon as you see the images, it is very clear that this game is based on the Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit musical The Phantom of The Opera. What is the big deal? Nothing actually, only that NetEnt’s biggest competitor in the online slots market, Microgaming, came out with a Phantom of the Opera slot machine just two months before.

of course, as long as no copyrights are being infringed, there is nothing much Microgaming can do about NetEnt or another company’s copy of their release ideas. Besides, it is not likely that Microgaming’s versions will be completed. As far as The phantom of the Opera is concerned, it seems that most slots fans are leaning in the direction of the Microgaming version as their favorite yet.

A snapshot of the most important roles screen in NetEnt's new Universal Monsters: The Phantom of The Opera slot.

An overview of the most important roles screen in NetEnt’s new Universal Monsters: The Phantom of The Opera slot.

as long as there is no proof that NetEnt is actually copied Microgaming’s theme, we are going to downplay the whole thing. Everyone here at the CCO is a NetEnt fan. Their games are always beautifully designed, highly original, and most importantly, fun to play on tablet devices. The phantom of the Opera has become a modern classic. It is logical that there are multiple versions of the story in all kinds of media, online slot games included.

The more relevant question is which is the better slot? It seems, that under the players – well, at least those who take the time to review of online slots – that Microgaming’s version is considered a slightly better game in general. To be honest, after trying out NetEnt game, we can say that it is not as clear as the “internet” makes it from. Both are excellent slot games just like what one would expect.

The main difference is actually the source of the games’ themes. The Microgaming version is based on the 2004 film, while NetEnt got their inspiration from the 1920 film produced by Universal Studios, the add of their online slots series “Universal Monsters”.

With the games have the same RTP (96%), and a number of similar classic features, the differences lie mainly in the look-and-feel. The Microgaming slot seems to be a bit more modern and chic, because it makes use of images from the recent film. The NetEnt game feels a bit more retro, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

The Mirror Bonus Round in NetEnt's new Phantom of the Opera slot game

The Mirror Bonus Round in NetEnt’s new Phantom of the Opera slot game.

About NetEnt’s Universal Monsters: The Phantom of The Opera Slot

NetEnt’s Universal Monsters: The Phantom of The Opera Slot is a 5×4 reel game with 40 paylines. The reels for a view of the stage of the opera itself. It goes without saying that the music used in the game is taken from the original score, and when it is combined with a very cool images, really sets the eerie and horror-like atmosphere of the story.

The symbols on the reel are classic playing cards, along with the main characters in the musical, a yellow rose, a ring, a white pearl, a mirror and a dagger. The main characters act as the wild symbols. There are three wilds and when re-spins are activated by the Phantom self, the wild become sticky.

The scatters appear in the form of a chandelier. When the Phantom cuts the ropes, the free spins feature is triggered, turning a tragedy into a miracle!

In the bonus round, players can earn credits by choosing a number of roses. And, there is also a “Mirror Bonus”, which, in principle, you can win a 1, 2 or 3 times multiplier of the bet that triggered the bonus. It is also worth noting that this game offers a maximum win amount of 16,000 coins which is a pretty serious amount.

As with all NetEnt games, Universal Monsters: The Phantom of The Opera is great to play on any device with an operating system. All in all, even if the idea was perhaps fueled by Microgaming, the two games don’t really look that much alike, and both have their own when it comes to features.

Why don’t you try and tell us what you think?


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