The sales Boom for Loto-Quebec Continues to…

Although Loto-Quebec has maintained a modest diplomacy around the subject, the figures describe the operator of the growth in the past year are very impressive. Loto-Québec currently has a very nice spread of gambling channels, both online and off, and its monopoly status in the province, certainly helps. The company achieved a sales growth of 3.5% for the first half-year, C$ 1.8 billion.

Increase in Land-based Casino Revenue

The operator also reported “sales increases as a result of the constantly changing game and entertainment offering,” on the land-based casinos: the Casino de Montreal, Casino de Mont-Tremblant, Casino de Charlevoix and Casino du Lac-Leamy. Of the four casinos, the Casino de Montreal, the company was the top earning casino to generate $ 253.5 million.

Increase in Online Casino Revenue

In online gambling only, Loto-Quebec’s revenue has shot up to an increase of 40% compared to last year’s results. The company is the source of online casino game revenue is, of course, the website In the 1st half of this year, reported total revenue of C$ 50 million, of which C$ 28.1 million came from online casino gaming. Loto-Quebec stated that they are working to “streamline the browse-experience” so we can expect to see further improvements on the website.

There are a number of votes disapproving the provincial government’s activity in monopolizing It is very clear that by eliminating most of the website of the competitors, they are now enjoying a great market advantage, and these figures are the proof. There are rumors that Loto-Québec is working on a public campaign to inform us about why it is important that remains a monopoly. Unfortunately the campaign is funded with our tax dollars. Oh well.

A recent lucky Loto-Québec winner.

A recent lucky Loto-Québec winner.

Increase in the Lottery Proceeds

of course, Loto-Quebec is not all about casino and betting, and look to the lottery as a central measure of growth. According to the Montreal-based company, “The popularity of the game on the Terminal, Grande Vie, launched in October 2016, and continued. Our market share for this Canada-wide lottery remains high at 34.7 percent. For the three domestic products, we recorded the best sales performance among the five Canadian lottery corporations. There is still an overall decrease of four percent in the lottery results.”

the President of Loto-Quebec, Lynne Roiter, said: “Our lotteries offered a good performance, even though there were fewer large jackpots than in the same period last year. The popularity of the game, Grande Vie, launched in October 2016, and continued. Our market share for this Canada-wide lottery remains high at 34.7%. For the three products, we took the best performance among the five Canadian lottery corporations. In addition, Quebecers have been lucky once, getting hold of a number of key parties. Our casinos all revenue increases thanks to a range of games and entertainment that is constantly renewed. The traffic is also in progress, including sightseeing. Our two urban casinos have benefited from the bustle of the 150th anniversary of Canada, and the 375th of Montreal. We organized all casino operations around the uniting of these two events.

“Our 2017-2020 strategic plan was presented at the National Meeting in September. It includes four major thrusts that will guide our activities in the next three years: put the customer at the heart of all our decisions; the development of new growth opportunities that the combination of play and entertainment; enhancing social integration in our business; and improving our flexibility and ways to do things.”

It will be interesting to see how Loto-Quebec ends the year with regard to the turnover. At this point, it seems more than likely that we will see even more growth from this company. The province’s gaming business in general is on the rise, with everything from casinos to gambling and bingo halls, showing increases in popularity and revenue.

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